Mr. and Mrs. Adelman


This feature debut from comedic bad boy Nicolas Bedos is a literate and funny celebration of couplehood. When famous author Victor Adelman dies, a journalist contacts his wife Sarah, hoping to get a scoop on the great writer’s life. Her account of their story together is a personal odyssey that begins with Sarah first convincing Victor, then his parents, that she is the right woman for him. As Victor the bright and promising lover turns into Victor the egocentric and anguished husband, Sarah doubles down on her devotion. She is his rock when times are tough, his muse when inspiration falters. But their marriage faces the biggest test when Victor’s true mistress, fame, enters the picture. Walking a razor’s edge between bitingly cynical and scathingly romantic, Mr. & Mrs. Adelman chronicles half a century of passions, ambitions, victories, secrets, and betrayals; a whimsical tribute to the madness and wisdom of the idea of sharing a life with someone. Former Canal+ “weather girl” Doria Tillier is exceptional in her film debut as the strong but enigmatic force behind the public figure.